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Exhibitions of 2012

     Photographs from two exhibitions this fall, both of which included my seascape photographs. The top five images are from an exhibition called Peripheries, at The Diego Rivera Gallery at the San Francisco Art Institute, with Missy Weimer and Raelyn Ruppel. I hung 28 seascapes prints with the horizon parallel. The installation became both about the individual images and the installation as a whole, creating one large horizon line and engulfing the viewers peripheries. 

     The bottom five photographs are from a show I had in October at The Hallway Gallery, in Jamaica Plain, MA. This show, titled sea-coast/sea-ghost, consisted of two different bodies of work. I hung a smaller selection of seascape photographs on one wall, and 5 large scale photograms on the opposite wall, which is only about five feet away, hence why its called The Hallway Gallery. The photograms had a wavy, ghost-like fluidness to them, giving more of a physical representation to the idea of being engulfed by the sea. They were hung from the top with the bottom left to curl out toward the viewer. 

     While the seascapes were hung with the horizon line parallel, I personally had a different experience with this installation verses the one I had at The Diego Rivera Gallery. Since you could only back up about 5 feet away from the images at The Hallway Gallery, you were never really able to take in all of the images at once, and the further away ones really faded out of sight, whereas at the Diego Rivera Gallery, you were able to stand about 30 feet back and experience that line from a distance. Both had different effects and it was interesting to be able to experience the work in two totally different ways. 

 Me, Missy and Raelyn during our installation of Peripheries at The Diego Rivera Gallery. 

Two Views of my installation, 28 images all hung with the horizon line parallel.

Raelyn talking about her work during our artist talk at the opening reception. 

During the opening reception of Peripheries.

Me and Brent, friend and owner of The Hallway Gallery, hang my show sea-coast/sea-ghost.

 First half of the show installed, 17 framed seascapes, with the horizon parallel.  

Whole view of sea-coast/sea-ghost, at The Hallway Gallery, October 2012. 

Five large scale photograms, hung from the top and left to curl at the bottom. 

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Blue of Distance

Ireland: Part Two

I am WAY behind on geting new work on here. I will try and back track a little and see whats worth putting up. I will finish up with some images I took in Ireland, since I am feeling a little nostalgic at the moment. After spending a good amont of time with these images, I found that some of them worked better in these groupings. All of these images were taken around or cottage or near the school, except for the 4th diptych, which was taken on Inish Mor.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ireland: Part One

I recently returned from a two week tutorial/residency at the Burren College of Art, in Ballyvaughan, Ireland. I was accompanied by five other SFAI students and Frances McCormack, Chair of the painting department at SFAI.

While preparing for this trip, it was really hard to predict the kind of work I would make there. But I had to come up with some sort fo game plan before hand, since I had to really consider what to bring with me. I knew for sure to bring my 4x5 and lots of film, but I knew that just photographing would not be satisfying. Especially since I have started to shy away from traditional photography and been getting my hand more involved in experimental, camer-less type of image making. Of course, I ended up bringing a lot of stuff that I didn't really need. Digital paper and book making suplies mainly, but it was better to have them than to not.

I knew though, that I needed to start making images right when I got there. I know myself, and I know that I can take too much time over thinking things, so I already had the plan of spending the first day in the library there at the Burren. I had recently made a few images combining other artist images from their books. Sometimes combining them with my own work, or even with objects. These images became a dialogue of various arts and histories. I knew when I arrived, I should make images in this fashion, just to get my brain and thoughts moving. To have something to guide me to the next idea. This series of images were the first I made, during my first two days in Ireland. 

    Cloudscape, 2012. Image made from a monograph of work by Paul Graham

    River & Sky, 2012. Image made from monographs by Paul Graham and Roni Horn. 

    Clouds, 2012. Image made from a monograph by Wolfganf Tillimans 

     Irish Seascapes, 2012. Double exposure of two images made by Sugimoto. 
     Both images of his were taken from Ireland,one looking out into the Atlantic 
     Ocean, the other looking out into the Irish Sea. 

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