Friday, February 20, 2009

More From My Unique Prints Series

Here are several more images from my Unique Prints series. I consider the ones on this posting to be part of the more literal images of this series, but they can still be interpreted in many different ways. Please enjoy these images and I will have some new ones posted within the next couple days.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sister Sorel Photo Exhibit

Monday is the opening to a show I have at Sister Sorel in the South End. Sister Sorel is a Restaurant, Bar and Gallery. They put up new work every month and have an opening to start each new show. I have been luck enough to show there a couple times the past few years so I am very excited to exhibit there again. The work I'm displaying this time is very different than any of my previous work, and I feel it shows a softer and more sensual side of of my vision.

Please join me, Monday February 16th @

Sister Sorel
645 Tremont Street
South End, MA 02118

The work will be on Display till march 8th, there hours are:

Monday-Sunday 5:30-1pm
Saturday Pajama Brunch 10:30 - 2pm
Sunday Pajama Brunch 10:30 - 3pm

Here is a statement about the work:

Two important things you should know about these images. First is, these images are not actually considered photographs, but a form of image making by means of photographic darkroom technique. Second is, each print is unique, even if it’s of the same exact image. This is because of several factors involved in the printing of these images.

The final product of each image involves no camera, no film and no chemical processing of film. I am able to skip those three important steps of photography and still create a more unique and organic image. These images are printed right from the source, in the color darkroom, using the actually objects that are displayed in the image themselves as the negative. With this method I am able to control the final output size, depth of field and focus. For some images this creates a more literal depiction of the objects, allowing us to see the details that we may not normally notice or appreciate. For the other images, it creates a more abstract and saturated creation, confusing the human eye into creating its own interpretation.

Regardless of my intent, I leave the viewers to determine their own assumptions and experience with each image. Leaving the experience unique for each viewer.

A fresh Start

So this will be my first post of hopefully many. I have been putting off blogging because of its time consumption and because of my focus being elsewhere. Though I'm devoting most of my time to school, I decided to start this blog as an outlet to my daily routines. I will see where it goes from that. I'm hoping to share some of my work, along with others that I feel is worth having a discussion about. I would also like to talk about lectures, movies, occasional reading, poetry, gallerys and museums and such. Hope this finds you well. Enjoy.