Monday, November 30, 2009

Current work: September to November 2009

Here is a long overdue post of some recent work. I have been working really hard this term on this current project and have produced a lot of new images. Here is a selection of just a few of those images. Below is my current artist statement for this project, though the statement changes week to week as the work evolves, it will give you a good understanding of what is going on in the work. Stay tuned for more images and more info.

This project represents my curiosities about the landscape and spaces I surround myself by. It’s about stepping forward and examining the reoccurring patterns and common human interaction with the land. I’m interested in finding scenes that imply recent modification, redevelopment, or the shortened evolution of a space.

Though I am stepping forward for my examinations, my interest is about stepping back and using the details that accumulate to create a whole environment. Through these images I search for beauty within cities that envelope once natural landscapes. I am interested in letting the juxtaposition of positive to negative spaces lead from one image to the next, to show the relationship of things we normally wouldn’t perceive. Within that relationship I am also interested in creating a link from the abstract images to the more concrete ones.

As a photographer, collector and image sculptor, my goal is to create a conversation with the different processes I use. Through the use of a camera, a darkroom and at times even a computer, I try to let the intersection of nature and constructed objects meet in my images. I let certain photographs I make lead me to preconceived ideas of my own darkroom creations, in hopes that those ideas along with the surprising elements of my methods speak in my work.