Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Hallway Gallery & New Visions Studio and Gallery

I have two exhibitions up for the month of March.. The first one is a group polaroid show at The Hallway gallery in Jamaica Plain running from March 3-31. This show features the work of five artists who have all used the polaroid in different ways to create images. The work I have in this show is made in similar ways to the piece that you purchased. My work will be featured along side two good friends of mine, Ariele Baragona and Lindsay Metivier.

Lindsay Metivier also just opened up her own gallery/boutique in Jamaica Plain called Aviary, which is a half block away from The Hallway Gallery. They will have a permanent selection of photography books where I will have two of my hand made artist books for sale. These are two new books of mine that I have worked on for a while so I am excited to have them on display.

The second show I have is a big solo show at the New Visions Studio and Gallery, in Scranton PA from March 10th to April 5th, with the opening reception on Friday, March 11th 6-9 pm. They are a new gallery/darkroom and workshop space that a fellow classmate from MassArt opened up after graduation. This will be my biggest show yet, showcasing over thirty framed pieces. The exhibition, which is called Organic Darkroom, will consist of photograms, unique c-prints, polagrams and other darkroom/camera-less photography.

Check them out if your in either area.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Art in Everyday Objects

It seems that more and more lately, I come across places, things, and random stuff that reminds me of particular pieces of artwork. Yesterday, I was driving through Vermont and stopped in Montpelier, which is the state capitol. I went to a crepe place called The Skinny Pancake to indulge in some deliciousness. While waiting for my food, I unwrapped my silverware from the napkin and the second I saw the knife and fork, I instantly thought of a few images by Karl Blossfeldt.

Blossfeldt, who was a German botanist and artist at the turn of the century, photographed different plants, flowers, stems and other small natural forms with a camera he made himself. This camera magnified the plants way beyond their actual size, abstracting them into new forms. Blossfeldt's work has been a great influence in a lot of my current work so it was no wonder that he came to mind so quickly when seeing this silverware. I instantly looked up the image it made me think of, and I recreated it with the silverware and my camera phone.

This is the fork that instantly reminded me of Blossfeldt.

Original © Karl Blossfeldt Image.

My Recreation of the Blossfeldt Image.