Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Art in Everyday Objects

It seems that more and more lately, I come across places, things, and random stuff that reminds me of particular pieces of artwork. Yesterday, I was driving through Vermont and stopped in Montpelier, which is the state capitol. I went to a crepe place called The Skinny Pancake to indulge in some deliciousness. While waiting for my food, I unwrapped my silverware from the napkin and the second I saw the knife and fork, I instantly thought of a few images by Karl Blossfeldt.

Blossfeldt, who was a German botanist and artist at the turn of the century, photographed different plants, flowers, stems and other small natural forms with a camera he made himself. This camera magnified the plants way beyond their actual size, abstracting them into new forms. Blossfeldt's work has been a great influence in a lot of my current work so it was no wonder that he came to mind so quickly when seeing this silverware. I instantly looked up the image it made me think of, and I recreated it with the silverware and my camera phone.

This is the fork that instantly reminded me of Blossfeldt.

Original © Karl Blossfeldt Image.

My Recreation of the Blossfeldt Image.

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Lauren Quinn O'Neill said...

I love his work! I have a pack of antique post cards with his plant photos on them. I always feel bad using them though!Good luck with your grad school interviews!