Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Hallway Gallery in Jamaica Plain & The Starwell Gallery at The New England School of photography

I mentioned these shows before in my blog but now that I got two sided postcards made for them I thought I would post it up here for a more appropriate look at the show. Click on the thumbnails below to see the details for the show. There will be no opening for the Stairwell Gallery at NESOP but there will be a banging opening for the Hallway Gallery show. Expect live music, wine and crackers, a great audience of people and great art.

I realize that the opening reception for the Hallway Gallery is the same night as Alec Soth's show at Mass Art, which believe me, I almost want to not attend my own show for his haha. But just so everyone knows, the Hallway Gallery usually lets it openings run way later then most places would. We will probably be there till 10-11 pm. So after the Soth show please make your way down to JP, it will be well worth it.

Monday, September 21, 2009

View of the Prudential

These images are from a smaller series idea I have been working on that sort of fall in with some of my other landscape work. When I was shooting the empty plots of land for the Missing Teeth series I had noticed that within different neighborhoods of Boston, and even outside of the city, I was still able to still see the Prudential building. I found that to be interesting to me since the Prudential is not quite that big of a building. I'm keeping this in mind with the fact that I grew up in Chicago with some of the worlds tallest buildings, and how easily the view of downtown Chicago could be obstructed.

I became interested in the roll the Prudential started playing for me in my experience with the landscape. How I could be in a different neighborhood or even at a place like Jamaica Pond or the Arboretum, where you feel like your miles away from the city yet at a glance the Prudential building was still peeking at you, reminding you where you are. Not fully letting you escape. I though I would start shooting the different views of the Prudential from different areas, to show that reminder it gives us. These three images below are a small selection from this series. Please click on them to make them larger, since the Prudential is at times way in the background and barely viable with the smaller image.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


This year I submitted several entries into the 2009 International Photo Awards competition and was lucky enough to get honorable mention in the following categories:

Fine Art: Landscape
Fine Art: Self-Portrait
Nature: Landscape

Please click on the links to see my images along with hundreds of other wonderful images form talented artist all across the world.

Also The wonderful people at The Art Of Photography Show just had a booth set up at the Beyond The Border contemporary art fair in San Diego with two of my framed pieces and a small portfolio box of my work for people to look at. I was lucky to have two images selected last year for the show. The booth they had was to market their current 2009 show and to also show the work of some of the recent names they have had in previous shows. It was a great privilage to be a part of the fair and to be a part of the 2008 show. Please check out the current Art of Photography Show here.