Thursday, May 14, 2009

Missing Teeth: The Empty Land in Our Neighborhoods

These next few posts will be on a current project I am working on, currently called Missing Teeth. The project focuses on empty plots of land and the presence they take in our neighborhoods. The current state of this project works with the present conditions of these plots, but I plan on having the project also include historic information, public opinion and eventually the further development of the land.

The images below make up a four picture panorama and would normally be displayed left to right. At the very bottom is a smaller version of how the four images would normally look together.

These images were taken early April on Everett Street in Jamaica Plain. While taking these images a young girl in her mid-teens who lived two houses down came to talk to me and told me she placed that ladder there that is in the first photograph. She said she made a fort there in the winter and never took the ladder away after the snow melted. When I asked her who owns this land, she said she though the city owned it and that they were just going to leave it empty.

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