Saturday, June 27, 2009

Polaroids: You Are Not Forgotten

I just found out today that my great uncle Eddie past away. It had been expected soon since he was not recovering from his cancer treatments, but the cancer itself was not expected when he was diagnosed just less than two years ago. I didn't know Uncle Eddie extremely well, but I did know that he was a wonderful and simple person.

I only got to see uncle Eddie twice since his diagnosis, and this photograph below was from the first time. We had talked about drawing and photography for over an hour that day, and I took this photograph because I didn't want that great moment to be forgotten. Now with his passing, I don't want his existence to ever be forgotten.

These are three photographs of relatives who have within the last three years passed away. I show these photographs in the utmost respect to them as individuals and their wonderful existence. They will never be forgotten.

Uncle Eddie 2008

Grandma Walker 2008

Aunt Annie 2005

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