Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Artist Book: In My Horizon

During my first term at SFAI I had a class with Ian McDonald called "The Return to Craft." For this class, we had a group exhibition at the Swell Gallery in the graduate campus. Every student made a piece for the show,  related to the show theme which was "Hand-Eye Coordination." This is the piece I made for this show. 

In My Horizon is a large scale artist book (16x20) that was inspired by Rebecca Solnit's A Field Guide to Getting Lost. These images explore some of the desires of what we see but cannot grasp. Places we may or may not long to be, but where we can never go. 

I used the large scale book form to create more of a physical interaction. The use of large to small scale images allows the viewer to move forward and back while flipping through the book, playing with the idea of the hand to eye coordination. 

In My Horizon by John Steck Jr, 2011
16x20 Hard cover cloth bound book. 
Handmade & Printed on Exhibition Luster.

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Amalia said...

I love your seascapes. Do more!