Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Artist Book: This is The.....

This Is The  Baby  Book of  John Joseph Vicario  John Barry Steck

The second of three artist books I made as gifts this past winter. This book was made for my oldest friend, Tony. Like the book in the previous post that I made for my friend Filip, I wanted to use images that were particular to Tony and I. Certain memories we shared or places that were meaningful to us. 

The theme throughout this book is related to the title. The title page is a scan from my baby book as a child. As you can see, I could of not been John Steck Jr. This haunts me in many ways, and one day I hope to have a project revolved around that whole idea. As of now, I do not have the mental energy to tackle such a thing. This book was a just a starting point to adress such a topic/idea. 

I thought I would include images that obscure our identities, or show some sort of change in who we are. Such images as Tony's head inserted in a wood cut out of a German man with a pint of beer, or an image of me sitting indian style on a bed, but my tattoos are no longer there (oh photoshop!). These images mixed with several older ones of my childhood home, a place where Tony and I spent a lot of time growing up, create a weird sense of nostalgia and slightly interrupt the memory banks. 


This Is The  Baby  Book of  John Joseph Vicario  John Barry Steck
Made in 2011/2012
7.25 x 9.25 Cloth Bound Hard Cover. Tipped in Photograph on Cover
Made with Moab Exhibition Luster

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aldocamargo2@gmail.com said...

You are so very talented! I am very proud of your work. (not that I have a right to be...)