Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Waiting Days: A Gift From Tina Garvin

A couple months ago I received a small package in the mail from one of my closest friends, Tina Garvin. In this package was a letter and a receipt pad. In the letter she told me she recently quit her waitressing job, the one she had ever since I met her a few years back. When I pulled out the receipt pad and read what she wrote on it, I instantly felt like I was holding some sort of relic. I felt so much history and character in this simple object. I also found it interesting how it was her departure from being a waitress that made this piece so characterized. I don't think it would have the same effect on me if she was still working at this job, especially since I can totally feel her disconnect from that part of her life when I hold this object.

It would be Tina's piece that would initiate the idea for this project in general. I knew there was an importance to holding onto the other objects in this series, but I wouldn't know that reason till I opened her package. Though I am not fully sure how this project will keep developing, I do feel very strongly about the work in it thus far and would love some feedback and ideas for it. Feel free to comment and start a conversation about these ideas with me.

Three Color Receipt Book, Front. Tina Garvin's Retirement Note, 2009

Color Receipt Book, Back. Tina Garvin Passes the Baton, 2009


Tina Garvin said...

Naturally...I must comment. John though I was not sure at the time what compelled me to send you this representation of a recently retired past I am certain now that it was right for me to trust you with this. It is true that part of my life is gone but not forgotten and I am truly honored that is a key piece in inspiring your current series, you are my talented and faithful friend.

Amalia said...

have you thought about collecting order pads from other people at work to see how they differ? that would be cool to see.