Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Haystack Mountain School of Craft, Fall 2010: Polagrams

One other kind of experimenting I did while at Haystack was working with Polaroids to make photograms (Polagrams). I had only seen a few of these online before and I found instructions on how to make them. It actually ended up being a fairly easy process. Most of my time making these was spent gathering up objects from the forest, and the two minutes it took for each Polaroid to develop before I peel it off. The end results are a little similar to some of my earlier photogram/unique c-print work, but with some interesting differences.

I really enjoyed the idea of having a portable method for making photogram images, and that they would translate a little differently by being more saturated and a lot smaller in size. there is something quite elegant about these images that most common Polaroids do not possess. I for one tend to be a little annoyed with how trendy Polaroid has become these days, but it was nice to do something a little different using them.

Each Image below is a set of three Polagrams that I thought worked best together as a set.