Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Haystack Mountain School of Craft, Fall 2010 : Lumen Prints

This is post 1 of 3 for the work that I created at The Haystack Mountain School of Craft for eight glorious days that I was able to spend there. Each post will be of the different kinds of image making that I experimented with.

The images in this post are called Lumen Prints, which is basically taking old black and white paper (in this case, Ilford Warmtone Fiber Paper) and laying objects on top of them. I let them sit in the sun light from anywhere between twenty minutes and up to two hours. I then fix and wash them, and then the end result is basically a very unique photogram.

The wonderful thing about making these prints was the fact that there were so many uncontrolled factors in how the end result would be. There was never a way to gage the proper exposure, nor could I really predict the contrast and tonalities. I also made some of them differently then others. Some were put into frames with glass to sandwich the object to the paper, giving me a sharper image. Some I made while it was raining out, and I would just leave the paper exposed to the rain with the objects on top. I would get a different texture and color with that process. A few I even made on the beach, where I submerged the paper into the Atlantic, either with sand or seaweed on top of it.

Stay tuned for a few more stories regarding particular images in this series.


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