Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Haystack Mountain School of Craft, Fall 2010 : Photos and Misc.

This is the third and final post with work that I created at Haystack this fall. The photographs were all taken with a 4x5 camera, except for two regular Polaroids. Since my main focus this year was the Lumen Prints and the Polagrams, I didn't really have a main focus with what I wanted to actually photograph while there. I let my mind be very sporadic and just waited to find things that I felt were a little unusual.

The three greenish looking prints are something that I'm calling Chemical Transfers. Before I explain what they are, I do have to credit my new friend Julie Miller, who I just met at Haystack for coming up with the idea for these. She made about 10 of them first and I decided to try a few for myself. These are literally made from the leftover chemical residue that is left behind after I made each Polagram. The Polaroid film I used is this Fuji 100 speed film that is a peel off film, meaning I let the Polaroid develop for about 2 minutes then I peel it off the little chemical packet it is in. After peeling it away, you can still see the image that was just created on the chemical side of the packet. We would then place that chemical side down on a nice piece of thick paper and rub in into the paper for a couple minutes.

This pretty much wraps up all the work that I made there, other than a handmade coptic bound sketch book I made for Amalia, which maybe I will take a picture of and add it to this post down the road. Overall, I felt really productive while at Haystack and all these new ideas are leading me to a lot of other ideas. How wonderful. Stay tuned for some other things I have been working on the past couple months.

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Amalia said...

I love the heart of wood with your feet, and also the friendly neighborhood spider[man].

Well, really I love my handmade notebook, most of all.